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PAIradise was started because we were tired of seeing problems out there that weren’t being taken care of.

Founded by a Chartered Accountant/Registered SMSF Auditor/Justice of the Peace, we discovered a way to help find solutions for our clients and for the world’s problems at the same time. We provide our clients with accounting, tax, business, consulting, auditing services & finance. See all our services here.

We’ll be donating a percentage of our fees to charities of your choice. Our fees are tax-deductible, so not only will this reduce your tax payable but you’ll also be helping to make a tangible difference in a way that your tax dollars won’t. Find out more here.

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Founder/CEO – Abhi Pai

Abhi’s a Chartered Accountant who has studied a broad range of subjects, including tax, accounting, business, economics, psychology, neuroscience, technology, marketing and the human condition. He envisioned a way to synergise everything he had learned to help alleviate as many problems as he possibly could, that’s how PAIradise was born. One of his biggest goals is to help get the Homeless off the streets and to help them to once again be productive members of society in a meaningful way.


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Fully Qualified Professionals

We have a vast network of professionals to take care of your business, tax and auditing needs. We also have other services through our partners that can be bundled in.

Fresh & Proactive Approach

Be a part of something that's never been done before. Everyone needs to get their tax done, but through us you'll make a real impact.

You're not just Customers, you're Citizens

As Citizens of PAIradise, you get a vote in how to improve the world around you. You'll also get access to an always growing list of Benefits.

Just Getting Started

This is just Phase 1 in our plan to Save the World, we need your support to reach Phase 2. Help us grow and we'll be sure to show you our gratitude!